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Circular Design: New book by Jörg Schröder

Circular Design: New book by Jörg Schröder

Circular Design

Towards Regenerative Territories

Jörg Schröder / Riccarda Cappeller / Alissa Diesch / Federica Scaffidi

Design: Anna Pape

When it comes to climate change, circularity has become a major topic. Closed loops, reuse, recycling, and renewable materials are already fashionable ideas in architecture and product design. In order to establish the new paradigm of circular design, this book introduces a territorial dimension to the goal of transforming living spaces for resilience and sustainability—and to the use of design-led research and design-thinking as effective forces for analysis, developing concepts and strategies, and cooperative processes of transformation. Featuring case studies from all over Europe that merge creative narratives in urbanism with social innovation and creative industries, Circular Design aims to activate dynamic fields and networks of ideas, people, and space oriented to circular principles.

Published by JOVIS in Berlin.