Circular Territories 05.07.2020


Circular Territories 05.07.2020

Circular Territories promotes a debate between experts, entrepreneurs, activists and researchers from Europe and other countries around the world, such as Australia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, New Zealand and Mexico. It showcases avant-garde examples of policy and initiatives of circular economy, agritech, cultural urbanism, heritage management, and social innovation in towns and rural areas. Download Programme

Circular Territories is organised by the Institute of Urban Design and Planning of the Leibniz Universität Hannover in cooperation with INCUNA association, in the research framework of the Medways project.

It is part of a series of events including workshops, laboratories, and webinars organised on the topics of the International Conference “XXIII Jornadas Internacionales de Patrimonio Industrial”, from 29 September to 2 October 2021.

For info and registration, please contact Dr. Federica Scaffidi at the following address:

We will also stream it live on YouTube at the following links:
SESSION 1 & 2    I   8:30-13:30

SESSION 3   I  14:00-17:00