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Circular Territories: Session at Venice Biennale 2021

Circular Territories: Session at Venice Biennale 2021

Circular Territories Biennale Sessions 2021
17th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia
24 October 2021

“Circular Territories”, Biennale Session 2021, collects and exchanges ideas for innovative power of the circularity principle in concepts, strategies and efforts for transition to resilience. Highlighting material space and living quality, urbanism and architecture are called to create new interaction between circularity in materials and circularity in spatial, social, and economic activities, in knowledge, abilities, and dynamics that enable sustainable territorial innovation. In Circular Territories, the enactment of urban recycling and heritage, the activating force of bioeconomy, and digital and interactive creative and cultural industries need to be combined with spatial imagination and creativity.

The Session “Circular Territories” brings together ideas and experiences from students and researchers from Italy and Germany, inspired by the theme of the Architecture Biennale 2021, “How will we live together”. Students will present outcomes of the joint workshop “Circular Scenes” in Venice, setting community space as stage for emerging communities of resilience, with videoworks, scenography, storytelling, and enactment. The focus of the session is on on shared visions and action for innovative collective space in “Circular Territories”, their form, expression, construction, circularity, timescape, extending from a an urban to a territorial vision.

“Circular Territories” is organised in a collaboration of Leibniz University Hannover/Germany, IES Institute of Urban Design and Planning, and Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona/Italy, DICEA Department of Civil and Building Engineering, and Architecture.

Curated by: Jörg Schröder, Maddalena Ferretti, Riccarda Cappeller Scientific Committee: Gianluigi Mondani, Paolo Bonvini, Alissa Diesch, Federica Scaffidi Organising Committee and tutors: Leandra Leipold, Anna Pape, Rebekka Wandt, Francesco Chiacchiera, Maria Giada Di Baldassarre, Benedetta Di Leo, Caterina Rigo,