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Cosmopolitan Habitat: Online Workshop Halle

Cosmopolitan Habitat: Online Workshop Halle

This new model of an online workshop offers an alternative to the "in situ" fieldwork in Halle—that is currently not possible—for the urban design and research studio Cosmopolitan Habitat.
On Friday 15 May 2020 students of the MSc Architecture and Urban Design will discuss in an online workshop with experts from Halle about their inputs regarding Halle’s future and about Cosmopolitan topics, organised and moderated by Riccarda Cappeller:
• René Rebenstorf, vice-mayor for urban planning of Halle
• Daniel Herrmann, werkleitz (centre for media art)
• Philipp Kienast, Freiraumgalerie (urban art collective)
• Dr. Christine Fuhrmann und Ingrid Häußler, Volkspark e.V. (cultural initiative)
The conceptual framework for the studio is offered by the research project “Cosmopolitan Habitat”, developed in cooperation with the University of Palermo and funded as University Dialogue by DAAD. “Cosmopolitan Habitat” is addressing a global vocation of cities for inclusiveness that can influence urban futures. How can elements, energies, and networks of a collaborative city overcome spatial and social fragmentation? What role can boundaries, limits, borders, thresholds, and peripheries play for envisioning a “Cosmopolitan Habitat”? In this framework, the studio will be part of an ongoing investigation and dialogue about new concepts and tools in architectural urbanism.
The studio is referring to two cities that in the current metropolisation process are not immediately linked with the term Cosmopolitanism, but according our guess offer multiple reference points and current initiatives in this direction: Halle/Saale as main focus of the studio, and Hannover as reference scenario.