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Manuela Catania and Ioanna Katapidi as guest critics for the seminar MEDWAYS

Manuela Catania and Ioanna Katapidi as guest critics for the seminar MEDWAYS

Presentation of the research seminar MEDWAYS – CIRCULAR TERRITORIES

Manuela Catania and Ioanna Katapidi are the guest critics for the presentation of the research seminar MEDWAYS – CIRCULAR TERRITORIES on 28 July 2021.

Manuela Catania
is an Italian designer, graduated in Architecture at the University of Architecture in Palermo, and with a Master Degree in Accessories and Jewellery Design at the Domus Academy in Milan and a Master of Arts at University of Wales. She specialised in Fashion Design at IED Moda Lab in Milan and in Fashion System at European Design Institute in Venice. She was teaching Fashion Design at L&S Global Fashion Design Academy in China. She has been Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing Programme Coordinator at Raffles Design Institute Hong Kong and teached Interior Design at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She is Dean of Academics at IDeAWorldwide Design College in Bangalore, India. Since 2020 she is Visiting Academic at the University of Saint Joseph USJ Creative Industry Macao. Currently she is curating the Hong Kong Pavilion at The Biennial Countless Cities 2021 at Farm Cultural Park, Favara, Italy.

Dr. Ioanna Katapidi
is a lecturer at the Ironbridge International Institute of Cultural Heritage, University of Birmingham, working on the interaction between people and place and the role of heritage in this interaction. She is particularly interested in the role of heritage in place making and place identity in urban and rural areas, exploring local communities’ perceptions and their dynamics and potential in informing relevant conservation and planning policies, addressing heritage, tourism, and economic development. Ioanna studied Urban and Regional Planning at the Department of Planning and Regional Development, University of Thessaly, Greece. She holds a MSc in Urban Regeneration, at the Bartlett School of Planning, University College of London (UCL). Her PhD at the School of Planning and Geography, Cardiff University in 2015, explores the way in which people perceive heritage in living heritage places, focusing on Greek traditional settlements.

invites for a journey to the Mediterranean, to explore it as a cultural space based on its cities and territories—that is constantly changing and connecting through multiple flows. The seminar lead by Jörg Schröder, Alissa Diesch, Federica Scaffidi, and Riccarda Cappeller uses creative and designerly methods to trigger circular economies towards territorial innovation, involving students from the programmes MSc Architecture and Urbanism and BSc Architecture at LUH. The seminar is linked to the Chair''s research for the international MEDWAYS project at the Italian Academy of Sciences Accademia dei Lincei. The approach of MEDWAYS views the Mediterranean as a fragile Habitat that faces common challenges: how to turn climate change and migration into opportunities for resilience, how to valorise cultural heritage, how to open up new social and economic perspectives. CIRCULAR TERRITORIES aims to extend the concept of Circular Design—developed in the EU project Creative Food Cycles—for material and immaterial circular dynamics that innovate spatial design and territorial strategies, highlighting bio-economy, digitalisation, and cultural industries. How can innovative urbanism and architecture contribute to enhance circular resilience in cities and territories?