SUPERUMBAU sbe22 conference

Karen Schäfer and Marius Schumann have been invited to contribute to the student conference and exhibition of sbe 22, with the project SUPERUMBAU at the Chair of Territorial Design and Urban Planning of Leibniz University Hannover. SUPERUMBAU is a basis for discussions about the future of cities focusing on urban mining and the re-use of existing buildings to densify cities and to create new urban hubs. It proposes a development strategy for Lausitz region and in particular Hoyerswerda-Neustadt, in connection with the region’s structural transformation from lignite mining to sustainable development paths.


The sbe 22 conference sustainable built environment within planetary boundaries, 20.-23. September 2022, is hosted by TU Berlin in cooperation with KIT Karlsruhe, ETH Zürich, and TU Graz. It addresses resource management, climate neutral buildings, post-fossile infrastructure, critical digitalisation, socio-political frames for transition.

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