Thesis projects summer 2021

Thesis projects summer 2021
with Territorial Design and Urban Planning


Thesis projects MSc Architecture and Urban Design

Walk the Line (1)

Strategies for cooperating towns across the former iron curtain
Rebekka Wandt
Locations: Eichsfeld, Heilbad Heiligenstadt, Duderstadt (Germany)

Meat Change
A spatial and circular vision to transform meat economy in climate change
Julia Theis
Locations: Amazonia (Brazil); Brake, Vechta, Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Hannover (Germany)

Space in Between

Accelerating urban transformation: mobility, public space and commons
Michel Grändorf
Location: Horta-Guinardo, La Clota, Barcelona (Spain)

Transforming Alpine Habitats

Renovated touristic building stock as catalyst for a sustainable valley
Jonas Glücklich
Location: Rocca Pietore, Agordino (Italy)

Walk the Line (2)

Strategies for post-carbon territories: circularity in food production
Marsha Dinse
Locations: Börde, Haldensleben, Helmstedt (Germany)


Collective spaces as catalysts of urban innovation
Lucie Paulina Bock
Location: Vila de Gràcia, Barcelona (Spain)

Duisburg to the River

Strategies for innovative urban spaces: living - working - nature
Sevilay Akyürek
Location: Duisburg (Germany)


Thesis projects BSc Architecture

Um die Rote Ecke

Urban upgrading for a 5-Minutes-quarter "Rote Reihe"
Jackie Williams
Location: Hannover (Germany)


A cultural vision for the village centre of Hamelspringe
Charlotte Schröder
Location: Hamelspringe (Germany)

Powell River Goes Strait

An urban vision for Westview Harbour
Jean Sauerländer
Location: Powell River, British Colombia (Canada)

Rechts up wech und links in t schloot

Spatial strategies for village activation
Janna Naatjes
Location: Hatshausen, Moormerland (Germany)

Urban Living im Branntweinmonopol

Ensemble at Hamburg‘s rivershore
Caroline Müller
Location: Rothenburgsort, Hamburg (Germany)


Urban fabrication hub in Hildesheim
Philipp Koch
Location: Hildesheim (Germany)

Das Jahrtausendfeld

A productive micro-quarter in Leipzig
Anna-Sophie Heimes
Location: Leipzig (Germany)

Living Lindener Hafen

A productive quarter for the transformation of the harbour area
Alessandra Gullotto
Location: Hannover (Germany)

Eine Stadtinsel für Bozen

An urban island for Bozen: Revitalising the train depot in the Alpine city
Laura Gonzo
Location: Bozen/Bolzano (Italy)

Wohnen+ am Brabrinke

A mixed mirco-quarter near to Hannover Fair
Gabriela Botezatu
Location: Hannover (Germany)