Thesis projects winter 2021-22

Thesis projects winter 2021-22

with Territorial Design and Urban Planning


Thesis projects MSc Architecture and Urban Design


Strategy for the transformation of the river harbour

Mara Piel
Location: Minden (Germany)

Of Edges and Islands

New paradigms for postimperial Spitalfields

Jes Hansen

Location: London (UK)

Tropical Railways

Revitalising the inter-oceanic railway in Costa Rica 

Nadine Eisenhauer

Location: San José (Costa Rica)

Altomünster verbindet

A new living and mobilty model in the Munich Metropolitan Region

Laura-Julia Peter

Location: Altomünster (Germany)

Sportcampus Weser

A new sports' campus at the river

Bent Meier

Locations: Minden (Germany)


Thesis projects BSc Architecture


Transformation Thunfischfabrik

Transforming the tonnara of Siracusa: a new urban layer

Leandra Leipold

Location: Siracusa (Italy)

Activating the former railway roundhouse for UNESCO City of Music

Tuulia Brax

Location: Hannover (Germany)


Transforming the storage area into an innovation quarter

Alexandra Faix

Location: Ingolstadt (Germany)