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Screening Visual Essays in the making

Screening Visual Essays in the making

11.7.23, 15-17:30, B049, with guest critique by Joanne Pouzenc


„Video essays turn sound and images into critical devices which reflect upon their own function, production, and

implications. In doing so video essays combine the analytical with the aesthetic, scientific methods with artistic

practice. Not only do they address phenomena at the intersection of different discourses and disciplines in a new way

but they themselves are new epistemological objects we have to analyse.“


(Visual Narrative Research Group» at the Lucerne School of Art and Design : blog.hslu.ch/videoessay/about/)




Throughout the short project  “Circular design Workshop”  the aim was to explore spatial agency linked to new circular approaches. Profiles, activities, and movements were explored,  finding, understanding and  interpreting spaces in the city of Venice and their use. The perspective of circularity is used to open up to inventing, accelerating, linking, or starting cycles towards a new culture of sustainability. Circularity, in a material as well as immaterial sense, connects a focus on resources and urban materiality with cultural, social, and economic innovation, and with the narratives to activate, steer, and carry agency of change. Thus, circular design is explored in methodological approaches, conceptual ideas, metaphors, and stories.


The short project included a preparation phase, a video workshop in Venice in international groups, the presentation of the videos in a session on Venice Biennale, and a post-production phase that creatively approaches the “visual essay” in the field of Architecture. 


Short Project at Chair for Territorial Design and Urban Planning