Baltic Exchange 26.04.2022


26 April 2022, 15-19:00 (CET), Small Foyer

Since participation in place is restricted we invite you to join online:

In the framework of the master´s design-research studio “Baltic Lab” in summer 2022. An open dialogue with invited experts will take place as a public Online-Session at Leibniz University. The BALTIC EXCHANGE shall create new linkages, allow to get an understanding and discuss current challenges in urban and architectural transformation processes as well as new tendencies in architecture and urbanism in the three Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


15:00 Estonia: Keiti Kljavin, Johan Tali

16:30 Latvia: Prof. Sandra Treija, ĒTER, Mārcis Rubenis

18:00 Lithunia: Jurga Daubaraitė, Jonas Žukauskas and Martynas Germanavičius





Ms Keiti Kljavin (Linnalabor / Estonian Academy of Arts)

Keiti Kljavin is an urbanist, operator of the Estonian Urban Lab (Linnalabor), that focuses on studying cities, urban issues and phenomena, and editor of Estonian Urbanists’ Review, an independent online publication. Moreover, she is teaching at the Estonian Academy of Arts.


Mr Johan Tali (Molumba, Estonian Academy of Arts)

Johan Tali is an architect and doctoral student at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Also, he was one of the founders of the architecture firm Molumba and is the co-curator of the academy´s Open Lecture Series.



Latvia – Riga


Prof. Sandra Treija, (LTU Faculty of Architecture)

Sandra Treija is Professor for Urban design, urban regeneration and housing quality. She has gained professional experience as architect and project leader at the City Development Department of the Riga City Council, at RTU Faculty of Architecture as well as in administrative positions, as Deputy Dean for Studies , Deputy Dean for Science at work. Also, she is member of the Latvian Union of Architects and Expert of the Latvian Council of Science.  


ĒTER (Zürich, Vienna, Riga)

ĒTER is an architectural practice founded in 2018 to create environments in-between nature, technology and contemporary culture, focusing on architecture of cities, public space, cultural production and private habitats.It is a partnership of architects, researchers and educators operating between Alps and Baltic coastline (Kārlis Bērziņš, Dagnija Smilga and Niklāvs Paegle)


Mārcis Rubenis (Free Riga)

Mārcis Rubenis is co-founder of the collective 'Free Riga', city maker, mediator and organizer of revitalizations of empty spaces for social, cultural and creative purposes, with an interest in co-creative developments of urban space and collaborative planning processes.






Jurga Daubaraitė, Jonas Žukauskas 

Jurga Daubaraitė and Jonas Žukauskas work with art and architecture projects as a duo. They realize architectural, curatorial and research projects, creating new relations between societies and their environment, past and future, seeking to rearticulate architecture across a wider ecology of practices. They curated „The Baltic Material Assemblies“ at AA Gallery and RIBA in London and were co-curators of The Baltic Pavilion at the 15th Architecture Exhibition at Venice Biennale.

Martynas Germanavičius 

Martynas Germanavičius is current director of Architektūros Fondas. As a volunteer he has been involved many years with the bottom-up inititative, that has grown into an established multidisciplinary organization, which now receives annual funding of the Lithuanian Council of Culture. The mission of AF is to make architecture accessible and understandable to a wider public and provide a platform for discourse. Together with over 500 voluntary members they work on activities such as an annual series of talks, the Travelling Architecture Workshop the Aikštėje publication platform, the Experimental platform, Open House Vilnius, Pastai Kalba open architecture weekends.