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Joanne Pouzenc - Lecture 11 July

Joanne Pouzenc - Lecture 11 July

„Architecture in the margins“ Joanne Pouzenc 11 July 2023 18:00 Tuesday at 6, Lecture Series of the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape, Leibniz University Hannover

Architecture in the margins

Building in-between blurry lines


Understanding architecture as a practice rather than an end-result enables the architect to go beyond its own discipline. Working at the intersection of architecture, education, curation and edition and navigating in-between extends the range of possibilities for action and impact. Based on a recent example of the participatory construction of a therapeutic garden within a psychiatric hospital in southern France in spring 2023, the lecture proposes to discover collaborative practices through notions of critical care and conviviality. Punctuated by stories and texts published in Joanne Pouzenc’s most recent publication Convivial Ground, Stories from collaborative practice (Constructlab. J. Pouzenc, A. Römer, P. Zuiderwijk (ed.), jovis 2023) the lecture intends to pose hypothesis towards the formulation of conditions for the facilitation of collaborative and experimental work in architecture. 





Joanne Pouzenc is an architect, educator and independent curator based between Toulouse and Berlin. After 10 years of architectural practice, she started curating at the Bauhaus Foundation in Dessau (DE) in 2010. Her research focuses on relational architecture and collaborative spatial practices. In her projects, she uses informal learning situations and proposes singular exchange formats where space and content are reflected and choreographed together, in order to host daily-life performance. 


Among her curatorial projects: the platform Post+capitalist City (2012), the transdisciplinary festivals Berlin Unlimited (2014) and Make City (2015 and 2018), the conferences Public Space: Fights and Fictions, 36h Factory of Thought at the Akademie der Künste Berlin (2016), projekt bauhaus Preliminary Course: from the Bauhaus to Silicon Valley at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (2017) or projekt bauhaus Werkstatt: Datatopia at Floating University (2018) in collaboration with ARCH+ magazine. Since 2019, she is the director of the Maison de l'Architecture Occitanie-Pyrénées and of the magazine Plan Libre. She is currently teaching at ENSA Toulouse, is a PhD student at TESC at UT2J in Toulouse, and an active member of the international collective Constructlab. 


She is the author of numerous international articles and books, including "How Together" (2019, dpr Barcelona) published for the Chicago Architecture Biennial, "Convivial Ground" (2023, jovis, Berlin) which explores collaborative spatial practices through conviviality as understood by Ivan Illich, "200 Plan Libre, anatomie d'un journal d'architecture" (2023, MAOP) which offers a critical reading of the corpus of the journal Plan Libre since the beginning of its publication. A complete list of his writings is available at







Joanne Pouzenc