Rural Commons Festival

Rural commons and heritage regeneration

Terragnolo (Italy) 04.06.2021

This scientific conference as part of the Rural Commons Festival will explore the effects of commoning practices on the built and natural heritage of rural settlements. In this line of argument, heritage is not meant as an extraordinary landscape, a listed building or a protected structure, but it also embeds ordinary architectures and common spatial resources that are part of the everyday life of the rural community. Through research findings, examples, and case studies we aim to shed a light on numerous collective practices, design approaches, and operative actions that are significantly transforming our territory, unveiling experiences of spatial transformation and dynamics of innovation in rural and mountain contexts that can perhaps suggest other ways to shape, manage, and enhance our habitats. 

Organised by Sara Favargiotti, Maddalena Ferretti, Cristiana Della Torre, Bianca Eilzenbaumer


Contributions from LUH:

Jörg Schröder: Dynamics of Periphery - creativity for new habitats

Riccarda Cappeller: Agencies, initiatives, and networks provoking a cultural regeneration in the periphery

Alissa Diesch: Commoning, the village and the megacity

Federica Scaffidi: Rural commons as a reservoir of creativity and resilience

More information and registration: