Cover: Dynamics of Periphery Cover: Dynamics of Periphery Cover: Dynamics of Periphery

Dynamics of Periphery I 2018

How can dynamic factors and dynamic phenomena outside of metropolitan cores be displayed for debates of territorial futures? Dynamics of Periphery showcases emerging creative and resilient habitat futures to develop concepts for metropolitan, urban, and rural networks—with a perspective not on urban margins, but on new centres for community. The atlas displays integrative process-design, pro-active context-building, and conceptual narratives as accelerators of change and new concepts in urbanism. These new concepts combine bottom-up and participatory approaches, the use of territorial capital, and the qualities of liveable spaces into processual and strategic innovations that cross scales and disciplines. Starting from architecture, urban design, and territorial planning, this book aims at interfaces between design and research towards dynamic roles of peripheries.

Herausgegeben von Jörg Schröder, Maurizio Carta, Maddalena Ferretti, Barbara Lino.
Unterstützt vom DAAD-Hochschuldialog Südeuropa.
Veröffentlicht von Jovis.