Mountains: New Habitat Explorations l 2021

This book explores mountains as a world apparently distant to metropolis that offers chances for resilience. Mountains have always been and are now—in cli- mate change, social and economic changes, and even in the Corona crisis—plac- es of inventiveness. Our interest are new lifestyles and living/working models in mountain areas that attract new “temporary citizens” and form chances for peripheral and marginalised communities, in new linkages with metropolis. In the perspective of urbanism and architecture, we want to address spatial innova- tion connected with this “new habitat”, in particular spatial strategies, upscaling, replication, new typologies. Two innovations are at the core of the research and design projects displayed in this book: new forms of urban and territorial projects, more strategic, more adaptive, more interactive, and new forms of analysis to grasp cultural resources for a creative use towards constructing shared visions.