The Woods

Connecting innovation in wood industries and cities  
Edited by Jörg Schröder and Federica Scaffidi

ISBN 978-3-946296-46-1 

The journey of WOODS follows as cross-section of Europe, between Belgium and Ukraine, explored through its cities and towns, in a mosaic of observa- tions and projects. Along this section WOODS discovers the spin of cultural vibrancy and values as well as current challenges, war, energy and resource crisis, and social division. 35% of Europe is covered by woods a major resource and inspiration for creativity. On the journey, woods are in the focus in a dou- ble sense: woods as symbol and space of peripheries, asking about towns and cities beyond metropolis, their perspectives, their regional networks, city-countryside interaction, larger linkages. And we are keen on material culture of cities related to woods. Wood as natural and renewable material is targeted in strategies to limit climate change and to transform cities, econo- my, and culture to sustainability.