Creative cities


Bogotá // Hannover. Creative cities in exchange.

Edited by Jörg Schröder,  Alissa Diesch and Alma Sarmiento  

ISBN 978-3-946296-48-5 


The Future of Creative Cities explores the potentials of creative cities. In a collaborative workshop the Faculty of Creative Studies of Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá and the Chair of Territorial Design and Urbanism of Leibniz University Hannover created an encounter to explore connections between urban design and art. By providing a virtual space of sharing and exchanging, the workshop invited to imagine, re-imagine and activate in a prospective way the idea of creative cities based on artistic methodologies. Invited international workshop leaders of the fields of arts, architecture and urban design generated interactive, blended virtual-onsite platforms to discuss and promote culture and art as a driving forces for new pathways in understanding and creating the urban space.