Westside Story

Scenarios for 10 villages in the west of Hannover  
Edited by Jörg Schröder and Alissa Diesch

ISBN 978-3-946296-43-0 

Westside Story: Scenarios for 10 villages west of Hanover 
Rural life near the city? In all larger German cities, urban expansion has greatly changed the peripheral areas since 70 years. In Hanover, where suburbanisation took place along major infrastructure axes, 10 small villages close to the city have survived to this day. Only partly characterised by cultural heritage and agricultural functions, they have already functionally become parts of the city—almost hidden in the general perception. The aim of WESTSIDE STORY is to discover these villages and develop narratives for their future, as liveable, attractive places, with new spatial and social density, which actively contribute to the increased demand for living and working space in the Hannover conurbation.