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City boids – Diagramming molecular urbanism

City boids – Diagramming molecular urbanism

Ecologies Design, Umschlag

‘City Boids–Tactical Spatialisations’, is a documentation of urban practices produced within the framework of a research program, ‘Caracas-Case and the culture of the informal city’. Its goal was to shed light onto the informal self-built construction processes that shape the Latin-American capital of Venezuela in which four out of its six million inhabitants live. The project documented here is an example of how practices observed from below and above may be synthesized into one representation through the formats of diagrams, and how diagrams can register underlying principles of action rather than realized shape, form, and appearance. Compared to a grand or single project, there is intelligence and beauty while acting in a resource-tight and already built-out context. The ‘City Boid’ diagram is a plea for the small and the many, acting together, within the system of the other.

Autor*innen: Andreas Quednau, Sabine Müller
Buch: in: Zari, M.P., Connolly, P., & Southcombe, M. (Eds.). (2020). Ecologies Design: Transforming Architecture, Landscape, and Urbanism (1st ed.). Routledge. 111-120.
Verlag: Routledge
Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
weitere Autor*innen: Daniel A. Barber, Thomas Batzenschlager, Dayna Baumeister, Timothy Beatley, Nigel Bertram, Holger Braun-Thürmann, Judy Bush, Bridget Buxton, Fabricio Chicca, Marie Combette, Peter Connolly, Peggy Deamer, Gareth Doherty, Diana Lucas-Drogan, Nan Ellin, Richard Graves, Ben Haggard, Samantha Hayes, Dominique Hes, Kieran Ibell, Karina Kuschnir, Victoria Marshall, Marika Rainer Hirth, Neustupny, Rebecca Kiddle, Jerome Partington, Maibritt Pedersen Zari, Sofie Pelsmakers, Michaela F. Prescott, Jenni Poutanen, Clémence Pybaro, Diego Ramírez-Lovering, Amin Rastandeh, Bill Reed, Sini Saarimaa, Daša Spasojević, Mark Southcombe, Rosangela Tenorio, Albena Yaneva, Ken Yeang, Kongjian Yu