City Makers I 2019

City Makers explores current challenges in the urban transformation of the city Bologna and its expanding metropolitan horizon along Via Emilia. As urban research and design studio, City Makers has been developed with students of the University of Hannover, in cooperation with the University of Bologna. The focus on urban design and innovation is linked to actual urban planning and territorial planning processes: Bologna’s Urban Innovation Plan and the setup of Neighbourhood Labs and the Strategic Plan for the Metropolitan City of Bologna. The topic of social innovation for increased citizens’ participation and co-design—leading to new concepts and expertise in urban planning and design—in City Makers is set in dialogue with initiatives and concepts of making in the context of a highly productive and inclusive city and region, a strong university pole, and a rich industrial and artisan tradition.

Bologna and Emilia Linear City
Edited by Jörg Schröder, Alissa Diesch, Martina Massari, Riccarda Cappeller
With contributions by Valentian Orioli and Valentina Gianfrate
In cooperation with the University of Bologna
ISBN 9783946296287