Lakeshore: Cosmopolitan Habitat l 2021

The region around Lake Constance is a culturally, economically, and socially dy- namic area outside the metropolises, highly attractive because of the lake, the mountains and the network of towns and villages, and also internationally char- acterised between Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The region is an interest- ing context for new architecture—and for new models of community living and working, which will be the focus of this book. Two urbanistic cases studies are presented, for areas in Lindau and in Friedrichshafen. They both re-develop areas no longer used following the paradigm of urban recycling. This choice can con- tribute to prevent a further expansion of settlements, which is questionable in the context of climate change, and emphasises links to and strengthening of existing urban centres. The urban projects address a broad range of topics, including new forms of working with digital productivity, the use of renewable resources, new forms of housing, inclusivity, multi-place living, migration and especially oppor- tunity spaces for younger people—in the sense of cosmopolitan habitat. The urban projects thus formulate a current contribution to the future of living spaces on Lake Constance and to the trend towards community housing projects.