Climate Commons

Climate change is seen as a deep challenge for established thinking and actions. The research and design project CLIMATE COMMONS develops positions in urbanism and architecture, with the aim to put forward spatial-performative models in the larger societal and political debate. With a focus on places outside of metropolitan cores, CLIMATE COMMONS address innovations in concentrated forms of settlement and intelligent density, linked with novel processes and models of Commons. This current desire for new spatial, organisational, and activity-related forms of community is seen as related to changing living models. Conceptual work, programming and designing furthermore relates to the possible role of these clusters as trigger for networks of sustainability towards a deep transformation of peripheries, as well as for inventions of architecture.

Neue Siedlungsmodelle

Herausgegeben von Jörg Schröder and Alissa Diesch
Mit Beiträgen von Riccarda Cappeller and Emanuele Sommariva

ISBN 9783946296327