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Territories: Rural-urban Strategies I 2016

Territories – Rural-urban Strategies studies the dynamics of larger rural-urban spaces from a design perspective. Perception and concepts involving the overlaying of the urban and the rural require new impulses, in order to be able to discuss visions of a spatial future. Contrary to outdated dystopian concepts of urban and rural, Territories is targeted towards rural-urban interfaces—in terms of space, function, and significance. How can implicit knowledge be used systematically for these new perspectives and how can knowledge be gained by design? How can this approach contribute to relating development strategies to places and spaces in a new way, with regard both to public awareness and to increasingly separate specialist policies?
Territories – Rural-urban Strategies introduces innovative design and research perspectives of urbanism, landscape and architecture from Italy, Spain, and Germany in view of this discussion, with contributions e. g. from Manuel Gausa, Mosè Ricci, and Carles Llop. The basis for this was a conference in April 2016 as part of the “Hochschuldialog Südeuropa” (University Dialog Southern Europe) promoted by DAAD, as a cooperation between the Chair for Regional Building and Urban Planning at Leibniz Universität Hannover and the Department of Architecture at the University of Palermo.

Buchveröffentlichung im Rahmen des Hochschuldialogprojekts des DAAD.
Herausgegeben von Jörg Schröder, Maurizio Carta, Maddalena Ferretti und Barbara Lino.
Ländlich-urbane Strategien.
Veröffentlicht von Jovis.